Preceden updates
Preceden updates

New Event Layout Options




We rolled out a big update today to improve how Preceden positions event names and details on your timelines.

bar_content_layout_docs (10).png

You can read all about the new options in our Bar Content Layout guide or experiment with it by clicking Appearance > Events and changing the new Bar Content Layout option.

For long-time users, you may notice several changes to your timelines:

  • We previously had two settings to control the positions (Bar Name Position and Event Details Position), both of which have been replaced by this new Bar Content Layout setting.
  • For most of these layouts, bars will now include the icon.
  • It's now possible to display the event details (its date, duration, % complete) directly inside the bar, either to the right of the event name or below it.
  • The event details also now include a small half dot before it, making them easier to spot on your timeline.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, drop us a note anytime: [email protected]