Preceden updates
Preceden updates

ChatGPT for AI Suggestions




We've updated the AI Suggestions tool to use ChatGPT behind the scenes, which means better event suggestions for you in a shorter amount of time.

If you haven't tried it yet, click the AI Suggestions button above your timeline. It can recommend events to add to your timeline, saving you time and helping you create a more comprehensive timelines in the process.

Better icon colors




In the past icons could be hard to see depending on what color you chose for the event:

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 9.36.56 AM.png

Notice how the icons for the darker events have very poor contrast, making them almost impossible to identify.

We rolled out some updates today to improve the icon colors so they are easy to distinguish regardless of the event color:

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 9.35.47 AM.png


Automatic icons




With over 3,500 icons to choose from when you go to add an event to your timeline, it can difficult to know whether or not you've found the best one for your event.

That's why we're excited to roll out an update so that Preceden now automatically picks a default icon for new events.

For example, in this video you'll see I type in "NASA" for the event name, and Preceden automatically picks an astronaut icon:

It will also suggests a few alternatives for you to consider if you would prefer a different icon.

And as always, you can still pick your own icon either from the list of popular icons or by searching our icon library.

AI Suggestions




We're thrilled to launch a new tool that can suggest relevant events to add to your timeline.

To try it, click the AI Suggestions button above your timeline, enter a topic, and hit Generate. The tool will suggest events related to that topic and let you add them to your timeline:

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 2.43.47 PM.png

It works best for historical timelines for now, but will eventually support project planning timelines as well.

To learn more about how to use the tool as well as its limitations, check out our new AI Suggestions guide.

Darken weekends




There was a bug causing the darken weekends setting not to work correctly on some timelines that is now fixed:

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 10.15.36 AM.png

To try it out on your timeline, head to Appearance > Colors and check the Darken weekends setting.

This feature won't have any effect timelines with long durations (like those where the scale is set to years or larger), but for smaller timelines, this feature will darken weekends, making it easier to see the start and end of the week.

Search 3,540 icons




We're thrilled to announce that we've expanded the available event icons you can use from 142 to a whopping 3,540.

By default, Preceden will just show you the most common:

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 3.14.09 PM.png

But you can now also type any term and Preceden will search our icon database and show you the top results:

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 3.13.02 PM.png


New and improved axis design




Today we rolled out a major update to improve the way axes are displayed on your timelines.

Each axis (the part of your timeline that shows the dates) is now split into two rows: one for the exact scale and for the broader period you're viewing.

For example, here's a timeline where the scale is quarters (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) and the period is years:

project_timeline (2).png

Here's another example, this one where the scale is days and the period is months:

days (1).png

Here's another timeline using the Gantt chart layout and using quarter numbers for the quarter format:


These updates should make the scale on your timeline much clearer for you and for other viewers and just in general make your timeline look more polished.

If you have any feedback or run into any issues, drop us an email anytime: [email protected]


Drag and drop fixed




FYI we rolled out an update to fix a bug that was preventing drag and drop from working correctly in some situations.

We also have some big updates we'll be rolling out in the coming days. Stay tuned :).

New Event Layout Options




We rolled out a big update today to improve how Preceden positions event names and details on your timelines.

bar_content_layout_docs (10).png

You can read all about the new options in our Bar Content Layout guide or experiment with it by clicking Appearance > Events and changing the new Bar Content Layout option.

For long-time users, you may notice several changes to your timelines:

  • We previously had two settings to control the positions (Bar Name Position and Event Details Position), both of which have been replaced by this new Bar Content Layout setting.
  • For most of these layouts, bars will now include the icon.
  • It's now possible to display the event details (its date, duration, % complete) directly inside the bar, either to the right of the event name or below it.
  • The event details also now include a small half dot before it, making them easier to spot on your timeline.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, drop us a note anytime: [email protected]

Hide all event names




We've added a way to hide all event names on your timeline.

Try try it, head to Appearance > Content Visibility and uncheck the Names setting in the Display on Timeline section.

For most timelines, you'll want to continue displaying event names, but for some timelines where the names aren't necessary to include, this setting makes it much easier.

A reminder too that you can hide names on individual events by editing an event, clicking More Options, and checking the Hide Name option.